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Access Tower Hire

Why Use An Access Tower?

For almost any building, maintenance or decorating job involving work above ground level, an access tower is the best way to provide safe, easy access.


Conventional scaffolding is bulky, expensive, difficult to transport and slow to prepare. Access tower hire provides a cheaper and more flexible alternative. Access towers are highly portable and easy to transport. Once on site, their fast assembly and convenient castor movement offers unparalleled convenience and usability.

For jobs that require indoor working or access to narrow work locations such as hallways and side elevations, a narrow-width access tower is the only realistic solution. Access towers are easy to assemble without any special tools. Some brands, for example BoSS, use color-coded components for even easier construction.

Access Tower Hire – The Benefits

Access towers are perfectly suited to both commercial and domestic use. Access tower hire is considerably less expensive than outright purchase and is ideal for users who have one-off or occasional requirements.

Access tower hire not only provides the customer with an affordable solution, it also carries with it the assurance that the product has been safety-checked by experienced and properly qualified personnel. The customer also has the opportunity to benefit from technical advice and training from the supplier. Access tower hire usually includes delivery and collection. The supplier may also offer an option to erect the tower on site, too.

Working at height demands safety, comfort and ease of use. To achieve this, it is essential to select the right access tower for each particular task. With access tower hire the customer is able to pick the most appropriate model from a huge range of alternatives.

Access Tower Selection

Here is a quick guide to selecting the right access tower for your needs.

If the job demands access to limited spaces, passing through single doorways or indoor working then select a narrow-width model of 0.85m or even 0.65m width. For other applications select a standard width of 1.45m.

Access tower height is generally specified in 1m or 1.5m increments. To further complicate matters, though, be aware that suppliers use more than one convention when stating heights. Some refer to the height of the topmost platform but others refer to the height of the handrail. With access tower hire, you have the opportunity to choose the product which best suited to the task. Allow an extra 1m above the handrail height for working headroom, or an extra 2m above the top platform height.

Select the most appropriate platform length. The larger 2.5m length provides more work-space and comfort and will require fewer descents and re-positioning. For smaller tasks and for working in restricted spaces, hire an access tower with 1.8m platform length.

Access Tower Use

When considering access tower hire, it is essential to be aware of the relevant regulations and safety issues. All personnel using the tower must have received the training mandated in their particular country. Safety regulations also cover the maintenance and assembly of the product. It is also important to be aware of the wind speed and safe working load (SWL) limitations of the product. It is advisable to consult the supplier for guidance.

Access Tower Hire